Isabelle's Attic the book by Isabelle Huber

"Isabelle's Attic" is the story of a young Jewish girl whose life was saved from certain death at the hands of the German Nazis during World War II.  From 1942 to 1945, three-year-old Isa Hauser was hidden by a Polish Catholic family in their attic in Czortkow, Poland, her birthplace.  She was one of only three Jewish children from Czortkow known to have survived the Nazi atrocities.  Until the early 1990s, the author did not speak about her story of survival, and did not associate herself as a holocaust survivor.

Finally able to confront her truths, the flood gates opened.  Encouraged by her family, she and her close friend, Nan Miller, collaborated to write the complete account of this part of her life.

Through this collaboration she has now given her children and grandchildren meaning to the idea of how dear life really is.

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